Challenge Program Vision and Mission Statements

At the last meeting of the Cheltenham School Board’s Educational Affairs committee, Gerald Aungst shared a draft of a new Vision and Mission Statement that have been created by the Gifted Renewal Task Force.

This statement was crafted over several weeks. Members of the Task Force met in March to review philosophy and mission statements from other districts around the area and around the country. We compiled a list of ideas and phrases which we felt were important to include in a Vision and Mission statement for Cheltenham’s Challenge Program. Based on that list of concepts, the Steering Team went through a lengthy writing and revision process to develop the statements below.

These are still in draft form and may yet be revised before a final version is submitted to the Superintendent as part of the Task Force report and recommendations in the fall. There is also much work still to be done to work out programs and services that will support the vision and help us to accomplish the mission. Still, we felt it important to share the direction and progress of the Task Force, and we welcome your comments and feedback.


The Challenge Program of the Cheltenham School District strives to ensure that all gifted students become lifelong learners who actively pursue intellectual challenge; who think critically, creatively, and compassionately; and who value themselves and the diversity of their communities.


In order to accomplish this Vision, the faculty, staff, and administration of the Cheltenham School District will work collaboratively to:

  • design instruction and learning experiences through which students can build a foundation of critical and creative thinking skills
  • enable students with abilities beyond the norm to realize their potential by identifying and developing their strengths
  • foster individual academic talents while simultaneously nurturing the whole child
  • create a safe educational space in which students are encouraged to take intelligent risks, explore their interests, and express their gifts
  • promote academic rigor by incorporating both enrichment and acceleration throughout all learning environments
  • address students’ individual needs by providing learning options and by teaching with a variety of appropriate methods
  • encourage students to develop their leadership and collaboration skills in order to positively influence and productively contribute to the greater community


In accordance with Chapter 16 of the Pennsylvania School Code, the term gifted student in Cheltenham School District means children and youths who give evidence of higher performance capability in such areas as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields, and who require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the school district in order to develop such capabilities.

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